Forecast for the next two weeks!

February 17, 2009
Capt. Eric

Capt. Eric here, Letting you know what to expect for the next two weeks! I will be hitting the mountains in Colorado, boarding it up. So the fishing should turn on! The weather has been warming nicely and the water temp has been rising with it. Offshore- The bottom has been fair with the right spot the Snapper are feeding. Look for the Cobia to start showing up under the Rays. All we need is for the water temp to come up a few more degrees. Inshore- If it continues to warm the Snook should start be active again as well. The Reds are all ready starting to move and feed again. Well, good luck and remember you have to put a line in the water in order to catch that biggie. Next report will be in two weeks!!! I am out!!!


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