Tuesday, 3-10-09 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

March 14, 2009
Capt. Eric

Mom and I

Tuesday, 3-10-08 9 a

My Mom was in town for my B-day. I wanted to take her fishing out of the Port. We stopped and picked up some live Shrimp on the drive up. The weather was perfect and the fish should start showing up now that is warming up. We fished a few buoys on the way out. I decided to go north and look for some free swimmers. About five minutes later, I spotted a nice Triple Tail and circled around to see if I could get a shot. I made the cast and hooked up the 10lb. fish and handed it to my Mom. The fish jumped a few times and made a few good, hard runs. Moms did a great job of fighting that fish to the boat.

After that we ran everywhere looking for something holding fish. We went north then a good ways to the south. I found out later where the Cobia where. On the way in I went back to were we started and found a little something. Made a cast and hooked up a nice 8lb. Triple Tail. I wish we could of fished it longer, because of the scheduled launch we got told to leave the area from the Coast Guard. I got the spot for next time though. That was a fun day with Moms. Thanks Mom, I love you!


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