Sunday, 8-05-07 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

August 5, 2007
Capt. Eric

Alex W. and Henry R.

Alex 2nd Snook 8-05-07 Alex and Henry are good friends from Colorado and are here wanting to do some fishing. Well, I picked them up from the Crown Plaza and we headed for Hiram’s. Well I had bait ready to go so we headed straight to the Inlet for the Snook bite. Once we got the anchor position set right, it didn’t take long and Alex was hooked up. He did everything right because he got the hook to set the first time. Alex had his first Snook on and he was amazed by the power and quickness. We landed it and snapped a few pics. Henry missed one and then on his second bite he got the hook to set. This was a nice Snook as well. The fish tried to get around the anchor line but Henry did a nice job of staying with it and taking it under the line. Check out the pic. Alex hooked up with a second Snook and enjoyed a good fight. This fish was a 12lbs.

The tide was slowing and so was the bite. I was informed of some tarpon rolling and Bonita exploding, so we decided to check it out. We caught some Spanish Mackeral and hooked a big Bonita but had some problems with another boat being in the way. The Tarpon were thick but we could not produce a hit. The greenies are there as well just a little farther away. Well thanks Alex and Henry for a fun trip and I am sure the moon will shine.


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