Friday, 8-03-07 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

August 3, 2007
Capt. Eric

Brennan S. and Don S.

Don S. Snook 8-3-07 Brennan is a friend of mine and Don is his dad. Well Brennan does my art and website design. I have been trying to get Brennan to come fishing for a long time and he is always busy with work. We met at Capt. Hiram’s at 7 a.m. and set off to catch some bait. The weather was perfect calm no rain and just enough clouds to keep you cool. We had no problems getting bait, only one croaker though. When we passed through the inlet the tide was incoming. We headed a little south and found plenty of Little Bonita’s.

Don and Brennan had plenty of casts at the fish but just could never seem to get lucky. The fish are feeding on glass minnows so I tried some smaller spoons and grubs but no luck. They are scattered and moving quick which makes it difficult as well. We decided to run out a bit and look around. We never found the greenies, but did come across a little rip with some weeds. We spotted at least 4 Rays with no Cobia on them, I couldn’t believe it. We decided to go and fish the inlet and see if we could catch a Snook or a Red. The fishing was slow, the tide was incoming and the water was clear. Don Managed to hook in to a nice Snook, if it was season it would of been a keeper. Nice fish Don.

The water was so clear that Brennan and I were taking turns with the mask. We were diving in and holding on a rope behind the boat. It was quite the site to see all the big Goliath Groupers and huge never ending school of snook. Just was not the right tide for them to eat. It was still a great day on the water. Thanks Brennan and Don for fishing with me and any time that you would like to go let me know. Next time we can plan the tides better.


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