Monday, 8-06-07 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

August 6, 2007
Capt. Eric

Clint,Tracy,Drake, and Tony

Clint with a Sebastian Goliath 8-06-07 Clint,Tracy,Drake, and Tony Are from Georgia. The weather is still calm and clear. I picked them up at the Inlet state park at 7 a.m. We headed south to get some bait. The bait was thick today, lots of Pins and a good share of Pigs. We caught bait pretty quick and were back in the inlet by 8:30. We anchored and it took about 15 min. and Clint was hooked up with something big and it was not stopping. Clint put some muscle in it and pulled the fish to the boat, a 25lb. Goliath Grouper. Nice fish Clint. We snapped some good pictures.

The Jacks were thick they kept coming through in the channel and exploding on some bait. With a silver spoon Tony hooked up and caught a couple of Jacks on light tackle. Tracy even got a chance to catch a few. Well the Snook never turned on. We did get a few Snook hits, it was that either we couldn’t get a hook to set or just would lose the fish half way through the fight. Well we decided to run the beach in search of Tarpon or Bonita. We found the Tarpon they were thick. We couldn’t get one to hit. They are feeding on the glass minnows. We did catch two big kingfish. The first fish we lost right at the boat as I was getting ready to gaff it. It was at least 25 lbs. We had Mono on and did not expect to hook into a King with a pin.

We lost sight of the Tarpon and started fishing for Bonita we hooked up 3 or 4 and Clint landed the only one. Drake caught a Spanish mackeral. The trip was coming to an end and Clint wanted one last shot at the Tarpon. We searched and found them a few minutes later. Well we could not hook a Tarpon but did hook and land one heck of a King on mono. That was quite the fight for Clint, he did a great job to get that fish to the boat on mono. Check out the Picture and drop a comment. Clint, Tracy, Tony, and Drake thanks for the great fishing trip. Clint maybe next year for that Tarpon.

Clint with his Big Kingfish


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