16 06, 2010

Tuesday, 6-15-10 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Gary from N.Y. The weather has been HOT! The winds were calm and the only breeze was when we were running. Gary being from N.Y. was struggling a bit with the heat. The bait was thick on the beach. Greenies and Sardines still holding strong.  We fished for  about an hour along the beach and no luck. In 55ft. there were some schools of blue runners on the surface. We trolled a few lives. Gary caught 3 or 4 nice Kingfish. We lost a big one close to 50lbs. It skyrocketed on a bait and we were hooked up! About 2 runs in to the fight the fish broke my rig. #4 wire. It was a big fish! We bottomed dropped in 90 and caught few Seabass and a decent dolphin, about 7 or 8lbs. There were two nice size Cobia that swam up to the boat, they wouldn’t eat a thing. On the way back in we played with a few more kings and called it a day. Thanks again Gary it was a pleasure fishing and getting to know you. Hope your keys trip went well!!!

30 05, 2010

Sunday, 5-30-10 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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George, Thom, and Joe

It was a windy morning. I picked George, Thom, and Joe up at Capt. Hiram’s at 8 a.m. The tide was incoming in the inlet. It was a little cloudy with scattered showers. I was pretty skeptical about catching fish., especially when we went out the inlet and couldn’t find any bait. Luckily, I had 10 Croakers and some shrimp  from yesterday in the live well. We fished the tip for a bit and nothing. Tide was supposed to switch around 10:30. I figured if we were going to go out then we better get going. It was choppy. George was a trooper! I worked my way out to 80ft. and started searching for activity.  Eventually we came across some turtles with some Cobia on them. Thom caught the first fish which was a little short. He even caught the first keeper 20lbs. I caught the next one which was 25lb. approx. Joe caught a couple of shorts. It was Thoms day though. He put the next keeper in the box approx. 28lb. he was on fire. George got a smaller King and even Barracuda. He did get spooled though. funny! We put one more in the box that was approx. 28lb. We ran out of bait and it was getting really rough and someone a little green! Great Cobia trip, lots of fun and 9 fish, 4 keepers. George and Joe it was great fishing with you guys again. Thom it was a pleasure getting to fish and meet you as well. Good luck in Key west. Enjoy all that fresh fish guys! Talk to you soon.

30 05, 2010

Saturday, 5-29-10 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Don, Brian,

4 08, 2009

Monday, 8-03-09 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Jose and Luiggy

004 Jose and Luiggy from O-town. Jose has been fishing with me a few times in the last month and a half. This was Luiggy first time out with me. The weather was a little questionable this morning. A little windy from the S.E. The tide at the inlet is high at 9:30 a.m. Croakers were a little difficult to find. The bottom is really cold. After a bit of searching we finally came across them. Just got to keep moving. We made it over to the Inlet just after the tide switched to outgoing. Well that was slow. Only a couple of hits between 4 boats. One Snook caught on Capt. Mike’s boat. We split and headed out after about 30-40 minutes of fishing with no Snook.

On the run out we came across some greenie pods. There was also schools of mullet getting thrashed on just south and right on the beach. Maybe the beginning of the run? We fished for a few drifts and couldn’t get hooked up. The run out was beautiful. One we started fishing we caught a lot of Cobia. Jose caught his two keepers and Luiggy even got his two keepers. It was perfect, both of them did great jobs of fighting and landing there fish. Things get crazy when it is happening. It being Luiggy first trip, he did great and listened and caught on really quick. Jose caught a good Cobia on a jig, which is not easy to work properly. Luiggy even got the hang of the jig and caught a couple of shorts. We had plenty of action and our limit of Cobia. It was time to head back and clean the fish. Hope you guys enjoy all that fresh fish. Thanks again Jose and Luiggy. It was a lot of fun.

2 08, 2009

Saturday8-01-09 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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009 Guest Weekend Update by Emily: We got a late start on Saturday and the weather promised to be scorching and the waves were 2-3ft, sporty for my taste! This was my first time out fishing in a couple weeks so I was a little amped and rusty as well! Capt. Eric has been teaching me this summer how to handle the tackle, control my rod (45 degrees) and apply different techniques specific to the fish in the water. For example, letting the fish eat the bait just enough to set the hook and not swallow it. Finding the space between. Today’s lesson was on balance and movement, not letting the fish wear me out. I love the hands on approach to teaching that ends up being a minute to minute coaching session. “Reel now versus let em’ run!” I need that structure to help me land the fish after the initial excitement.
Pulling my first keeper toward the boat was an amazing feeling that makes me smile and shows true growth in my ability. A 34” Cobia was my prize and soon to be dinner. Eric has taken an Arkansas lake weekend fisher to the next level out on the water. I can say this because of the confidence I have in my fledgling skill level. I loved the trip, mild sunburn and exhaustion. Thank You Capt. Metcalf.
Handle your rod!

23 07, 2009

Tuesday, 7-21-09 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Jose 2 keepersI picked Jose up at the Sebastian Inlet State Park. The tide is incoming til 9:45 a.m. The winds are calm and the sun was at full force. We found the greenies inside the inlet back on the south shore line. I threw the cast net twice. On the first throw there were only a couple in the net. On the second cast I could barely pull the net over the gunnel. We filled the live well to the max. We also went and caught a few croakers.

We ran the beaches south for awhile and never saw the first sign of activity. We headed out to the bait buoy. We caught a few Barracudas slow trolling the greenies. We also came across a few Cobia swimming around. We doubled up on the first shot at them. I had a keeper and Jose’s was just short. We landed both and kept fishing and eventually had a couple of more come up to the boat. Jose was on fire, his next two fish were nice keeper’s. Jose was hooking the right keeper’s and I was catching the shorts in order to keep them away from his bait. Yea that’s it. No seriously, it was a lot of action and excitement and Jose did a great job of getting in there and catching his fish. We stayed and fished for a while. Things shut down. When we were ready to head back in, a nice size Cobia swam up to the boat and Jose all ready had a bait in position. He hooked it up and landed the last fish of the day it was the biggest 21lbs. Another great day, Thanks again Jose.

17 07, 2009

Thursday, 7-16-09 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Edgar, Megan, Karla, and Andrew
008Edgar and Megan went fishing with me last year. They are from Texas. Karla and Andrew are relatives and it was there first trip with me. The tide in the inlet was low at 11:00 a.m. We met up at Sebastian Inlet boat ramp in the morning. Croakers were not a problem, we managed to catch enough bait for the day in about 30 minutes. The weather was calm, sunny, and of course hot! We fished the Inlet for a bit. The bite was good when we pulled up. Megan and Karla each caught a couple of nice Snook. Edgar caught a big Redfish. Then the bite shut down. The river water on the outgoing is super dirty from all the recent rain. On our way down the beach we ran into some bait pods of greenies. Good to see the white bait around again.

Edgar and Andrew caught a few Barracuda’s on live baits. Andrew also caught a Bonita and on when the fish got close to the boat a Bull Shark attacked it. We spotted a few Cobia’s traveling with the Shark. Let’s just say that the girls can fish. Karla was first to put a Cobia in the boat. It was just short. The next Cobia was Megan’s. I give her mad props, because she was persistent with the bucktail and it paid off. She hooked a a nice 19lb. keeper. It was pretty impressive. Well the storms were building and it was time to run back in. It was a fun day. We had tons of action. Thanks again Edgar and Megan for fishing with attitude! See you next year!


17 07, 2009

Monday, 7-13-09 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Murphy, Chipper, Jason, and Jon A.

9 06, 2009

Saturday, 6-06-09 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Red and Josh
Well The weather was a little rough. The winds were blowing from the S.W. and to top it off it was a full moon. Red and Josh have been out with me before. This time we entered a offshore tournament out of Squid lips. Well we met up at 5:30 a.m. at the Inlet. With the choppy conditions it took awhile to get offshore. We got lines out at 6:45 a.m. We had two early knock downs and lost one and caught one Dolphin. They both were 10lb. range. The bite didn’t last very long. We found some nice weeds which came together nicely in the afternoon when the winds finally laid down. Fishing was slow all day for everyone. We ended catching a Barracuda and had two little hits from small fish. At the weigh in it was all small fish. 20lb. Dolphin 1st, 19lb. Wahoo 1st, 40lb kingfishnd 1st, and 33lb Grouper 1st. Gotta love tournaments! role of the dice! It was a fun day though and the weather did clear up. Thanks again Red and Josh. See you in the fall.

30 08, 2008

Friday, 8-29-08 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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John, Nate, and Adam

8-29-08 Nate Snook John and Nate are good friends and neighbors. They split the trip with Adam who is a friend of mine and has fished with me before. The weather was perfect all day, no winds. The sun was shining the whole day. We met at the S.B.I. boat ramp. I was wondering what type of day we would have with John wearing his Boston Red-Sox hat.  When we started off, we went right to catch some Croakers. The Croakers were , we loaded up in about 1 hr.

We took off and headed towards our fishing spot for the day. No one was there and it was to be ours for the day. John was first to put a fish on the boat. After missing a good Snook hit he hooked up and it was a monster Jack. John definitely got a work out on that one. Adam caught the next fish. A Redfish that was just over the limit. It took Nate a few times to get a hang of setting the hook but when he did, Nate put the first keeper Redfish in the box. There were a lot of blue runners caught. Nate caught a big Snook that was his biggest fish ever. Adam caught 2 more Reds. John got one nice Red as well. This was a good day, perfect weather, good fishing, and good people. Thanks again, John and Nate it was a pleasure to meet you and fish with you. It was a lot of fun.