Monday, 8-03-09 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

August 4, 2009
Capt. Eric

Jose and Luiggy

004 Jose and Luiggy from O-town. Jose has been fishing with me a few times in the last month and a half. This was Luiggy first time out with me. The weather was a little questionable this morning. A little windy from the S.E. The tide at the inlet is high at 9:30 a.m. Croakers were a little difficult to find. The bottom is really cold. After a bit of searching we finally came across them. Just got to keep moving. We made it over to the Inlet just after the tide switched to outgoing. Well that was slow. Only a couple of hits between 4 boats. One Snook caught on Capt. Mike’s boat. We split and headed out after about 30-40 minutes of fishing with no Snook.

On the run out we came across some greenie pods. There was also schools of mullet getting thrashed on just south and right on the beach. Maybe the beginning of the run? We fished for a few drifts and couldn’t get hooked up. The run out was beautiful. One we started fishing we caught a lot of Cobia. Jose caught his two keepers and Luiggy even got his two keepers. It was perfect, both of them did great jobs of fighting and landing there fish. Things get crazy when it is happening. It being Luiggy first trip, he did great and listened and caught on really quick. Jose caught a good Cobia on a jig, which is not easy to work properly. Luiggy even got the hang of the jig and caught a couple of shorts. We had plenty of action and our limit of Cobia. It was time to head back and clean the fish. Hope you guys enjoy all that fresh fish. Thanks again Jose and Luiggy. It was a lot of fun.