Saturday8-01-09 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

August 2, 2009
Capt. Eric


009 Guest Weekend Update by Emily: We got a late start on Saturday and the weather promised to be scorching and the waves were 2-3ft, sporty for my taste! This was my first time out fishing in a couple weeks so I was a little amped and rusty as well! Capt. Eric has been teaching me this summer how to handle the tackle, control my rod (45 degrees) and apply different techniques specific to the fish in the water. For example, letting the fish eat the bait just enough to set the hook and not swallow it. Finding the space between. Today’s lesson was on balance and movement, not letting the fish wear me out. I love the hands on approach to teaching that ends up being a minute to minute coaching session. “Reel now versus let em’ run!” I need that structure to help me land the fish after the initial excitement.
Pulling my first keeper toward the boat was an amazing feeling that makes me smile and shows true growth in my ability. A 34” Cobia was my prize and soon to be dinner. Eric has taken an Arkansas lake weekend fisher to the next level out on the water. I can say this because of the confidence I have in my fledgling skill level. I loved the trip, mild sunburn and exhaustion. Thank You Capt. Metcalf.
Handle your rod!


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