Saturday, 3-27-10 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

April 6, 2010
Capt. Eric

Dan and Freddy

The weather is starting to warm.  We met up the Inlet Marina at 8 a.m. The tide was incoming til 11 a.m. We stayed inside and fished the flats first thing. We came across this floating Cajun Thunder, it was moving around, going under for minutes at a time. I pulled Dan up close and had him make a cast ahead of the moving cork. He missed the first two shots then on the third it was perfect,  he snagged the rig and just below the bobber. It was a good fight on the other end, as it got closer we noticed it was a 5lb Trout. Dan played it out for a while and the Trout got off and we got a free Cajun Thunder, yee haw!!! We moved to the Inlet and fished the incoming tide around Monster Hole and caught tons of Bluefish and small Jacks. It was a good and action packed trip. We had alot of fun. I hope to fish with these two again in the future. Thanks Dan and Freddy it was great fishing with the both of you.


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