Wednesday, 3-25-09 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.

March 26, 2009
Capt. Eric


Thom 32 Thom’s first Snook trip of Spring Season. We met at Hiram’s at 8 p.m. had some dinner and then it was off to cast net bait. What a pain that was with the winds blowing 30 plus. THe tide is incoming until 11 p.m. Once we got enough bait to fish we headed for the inlet. It took a few drifts to figure out the weight that was needed. Thom first hook up was with a big fish, at first he said Red because of it’s pulling power. We soon figured out it was a big nasty snook. The bite was just starting to turn on. With a few more drifts and a couple of misses. Thom finally put a hook in a keeper 32″ Snook. That was a nice fish, just at the max. We trolled a few plugs and caught one Jack. The grass was super thick moving through the inlet. It was tough to get the plug down. Definately was not a bad night. It felt good to see a couple of Snook again. Trip #2 is tonight, Thurs………

Thom 3-25-09 34