Thursday, 11-13-08 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

November 14, 2008
Capt. Eric

Thom and Mike

011 Thom and his brother Mike. The weather is good and it is a full moon. We launched at the Inlet around 4 p.m. No problem with baits plenty of Pins and Pigs. There were a lot of big Pins though.  At dark we headed to the Inlet. The tide was all ready coming in when we got there. It must have started coming in right at dark. We started fishing out around the mouth. Thom caught a few big Redfish. One of the Reds was just ridiculously big. It made Thom sweat pretty good. Mike did a great job at whipping down some fish. He got his share of big Reds. Mike did catch his first Keeper Snook. In fact he had another keeper at the boat but it jumped at the boat and threw the hook. It probably was my fault I should of been ready with the net, I might of had a shot at it. Well there was a lot of bites and a lot of fish caught. Thom didn’t get a keeper snook but a couple that were to big. Mike enjoy the Snook and great job fishing that inlet. Thom thanks as always. I always appreciate the support. See you in two weeks.

Sir Thom BIGGGG Red



tank of gas 40.00, beachfront hotel 99.00, fishing charter 350.00, pulling on monster fish with your little brother priceless !!!!!!!! Capt Eric is the man. See you in two weeks.

November 15, 2008
Robin the Barber

That is absolutely INSANE !!!!! The biggest red I have EVER seen and caught by my favorite Tarpon Springs Sponger !!!
x0x0x0 ~Robin ( Thom’s Barber )

December 24, 2008

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