Friday, 11-14-08 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

November 14, 2008
Capt. Eric


Jen hooked up w/Fat Cobia 40 lbs.  Friday was a killer day. The weather was perfect. We caught fish and got sunburned in November. Jen and I fished out of the Port Canaveral. We were Triple Tail fishing. The ocean had a little swell with a light chop. We fished every buoy outside the port. No fish on any of the cans. We came across some weed patches. I spotted a board floating and there was a small keeper Trip laying underneath. Jen has never fished for Triple Tail. So I took the cast to show her how its done. That is so fun, I love sight fishing for Trips. I hooked up the fish and landed it. It was just perfect for the table.

We moved on and did not have much luck on the weeds. We checked one more can, Jen tossed a Shrimp out and let it sink. Just a few seconds went by and it was fish on! Jen can fish pretty good she knows what is going on. She just has that natural feeling and instinct of which way to pull a fish. The fish took off on the surface screaming away from the can. I saw right away that it was a nice Cobia. Jen was hooked up with 20lb. Power pro with 30lb. leader lined on a 4000 Shimano Saros. Jen whipped that Cobia down, it came to the boat pretty fast for that big of a fish. I wasn’t sure if I should stick it with the gaff so quick. It had to be green still? The fish was just laying there though and was begging for the gaff. I  went for it and stuck it and the Cobia went crazy. It was tricky getting it over the gunnel. Jen’s first Cobia. A nice one, 40lbs.+. what a great day! Love you Jen.

Jen Fat Cobia 40 lbs.


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