Thursday, 7-26-07 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

July 26, 2007
Capt. Eric

Amy, Jimmy, and Joey

Amy with her Redfish The weather was nice, calm, clear and HOT! Amy, Jimmy, and Joey were in town for a visit with family. Amy wanted to treat Jimmy and Joey to a day on the water. We met up at the dock at 7 a.m. and headed out to catch some bait. The croakers and pigs were a little scarce but we managed to catch enough. The pins were thick. The tide was outgoing in the inlet and it was time to start fishing.

We anchored up, I got a few baits on and tossed them out for Amy and Joey. The bite was on because it didn’t take long before the reels started to sing. It took a couple of missed hook sets and break-offs before everyone got the hang of it. Joey was the first to put a Snook on the boat. This fish was a FATTY, the biggest of the day. Amy hooked up and landed the next fish which was a nice size Snook. Amy did a great job of holding on and angling the fish to the boat. Jimmy had a couple of fish on and something or another would go wrong. After some minor adjustments, Jimmy got a hook in a big Snook and fought it to the end for a Kodak moment.

Amy, Jimmy, and Joey continued to take turns hooking up and landing these big Snook. Amy hooked into a Redfish that gave her a fight that she will remember. After some good old tug-of-war she pulled the fish to the boat. Joey wanted a Sebastian Red more than anyone. He was casting into the hole, but kept hooking into big Snook. (yeah, that sucks!) Well everyone ended with a couple of Snook, tons of action, and some great photos. Thanks Amy, Jimmy, and Joey for a great trip, I enjoyed fishing with you and look forward to the next trip.