Saturday, 7-21-07 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

July 22, 2007
Capt. Eric
John D. trip #2

John D. 7-22-07 John and I met back at the dock at 7 a.m. The weather was calm and just a few clouds. We headed to catch some bait. With about a dozen and half of the good baits, we made our way to the Inlet. The tide was outgoing. We set up out from the jetty. It was a little difficult to get anchored in just the right spot but with the third try I put us right in the sweet spot.

I set John up with a bait. It must of took about 10 min. for the bite to start. Everything was quiet, there were 3 other boats fishing and no one was catching fish. Then John starts to feed the line and begins to count 1…2….3 and its set the hook. Fish On, the drag begins to sing. Back and forth, Last night’s trip is paying off because John did a great job of getting that fatty Snook to the boat. With a quick picture we release the fish and got another bait out. The bite was on, it took about 10 seconds and John began counting again 1…2…3 FISH ON. These Snook are exciting to watch and never let you down, always a good fight. This fish was another fatty and now we were feeling pretty amped.
John did lose a few but managed to boat 8 Snook overall. The biggest being 38 inches and smallest 30 inches. Good job John on catching all those big Snook. Its not always that hot. The tide was slacking and the bite was done. We moved around and tried to find some Reds but no luck. The Storms were nearing and it was time to go. Thanks John for the two days of fishing. Check out the pictures !!!


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