Friday, 7-20-07 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

July 21, 2007
Capt. Eric

John D. trip #1
John D. 7-20-07 John is from Palm Beach, Fl. he has the weekend free and has come up to Sebastian to do a little fishing with me. With baits ready to go, we left Capt. Hiram’s at 4 p.m. The tide at the Inlet was just switching to outgoing. We set up and pitched a few baits out. The bite was slow for the first hour. The Snook turned on and it was non-stop action. They were picking the baits up as fast as it would hit the bottom. John ended up with 5 big Snook and lost his fair share.

The bite slowed down, so we decided to set up some drifts and see if we could get a Red. Well first bait, John caught a Jack. John hooked up with a couple of fish that just wouldn’t stop. He would hook up in the same spot every pass. We never did get to see what they were. We eventually found were the Reds were. John ended up with 2 nice big Reds and 2 more Snook. That was another good trip. The fishing lately is incredible. Thanks John.


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