Tuesday, 7-17-07 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

July 17, 2007
Capt. Eric

Jake and I,

7-17-07 Jake Jake is my girlfriend Tiffany’s son. Its summer time and he has been involved in a camp every week since school got out. This is the first chance that just him and I could spend some time together. We made our way to the dock in the morning and proceeded to go catch bait. The weather was perfect and we were on two missions, to catch some croakers for us and some pins for a local charter capt. We managed to catch about 50 pins, 10 pigs, and 6 croakers. Thats all we needed to have some fun.

After bait fishing I dropped the pins off at the dock and we made our way to the inlet. The tide was still coming in and we were going to wait for the switch. There is a lot of baby greenies in the inlet. I was casting a white Rapala and caught a couple of Spanish Mackeral.

The tide was starting to switch and it was time to set anchor. It was just a matter of time until the bite was to start. I tossed out a croaker and with in a few minutes it got hit, Snook on. I set the hook and then let Jake reel it in. It was quite the battle for Jake who is only 7 yrs. old. Well I helped and we finally got the Snook to the boat for some pictures. It was a fatty. The Snook continued to hit one after another until we ran out of baits.

I caught Snook on every rod on the boat. Jake was helping the whole time. His second Snook he did a great job of fighting the fish, just a little help from me. Well we were 5 for 6 on croakers and 2 for 3 on pigs. That was a lot of fun. All the Snook were good size. The smallest was 27″ and the biggest 35″.