Monday, 7-16-07 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

July 17, 2007
Capt. Eric

Rich V.

Rich V. and Capt. Eric 7-16-07 Rich is from Colorado and was in town with his family. Rich had a day to himself and booked a trip that he will never forget. We met up at Hiram’s in the morning. We went to catch bait for the snook. We caught about fifteen croakers with a mix of pins and pigs. The croakers are showing up around TC. We made it to the inlet and started to fish.

First we set anchor in the back and Rich hooked up with a fatty Snook. The Snook gave him a good fight, it put on show jumping and thrashing. Rich never got a good hook set in and he lost it. Well it was slow for awhile and we decided to head out into the ocean. We chased the Little Tunny around for a bit, throwing everything at them. Rich came close a couple of times. Well the tide was incoming and it was getting closer to changing. We set anchor and waited for a few minutes. I was telling Rich that it should happen soon, well it did. Rich hooked up with the 1st Snook and it was a fatty. Rich is from Colorado and has never experienced a fish quite like that on light tackle. Nice fish Rich.

Well the bite was on, man it was hot. Rich caught one Snook after another. He ended up with I believe 9 or 10 Snook smallest being 15lbs. and biggest 20lbs. Rich caught Snook on every rod on the boat. Rich said his arm was hurting after catching so many Snook. To top it all off Matson pulled up on a jet ski and I gave him the camera and he circled us while snapping pictures of some of the fish. The pictures should turn out nice. We ran out of the right bait and that was that. Thanks Rich for the trip it was great seeing you on all those fish.


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