Wednesday, 5-16-07 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

May 18, 2007
Capt. Eric

Dad and I Dad, Eric O. and Me

Dad and I went bait fishing earlier in the day so that we could enjoy a delicious Snook Dinner that Tiffany(my girlfriend) had prepared for us when we returned. With a full belly we headed towards Capt. Hiram’s to get in the boat.

We met with one of my good friends Chipper(Eric O.) Around 10p.m. we made our first drift and Chipper hooked right up! Snook on! a nice 30 inch keeper. Well lets just say that Chipper was on, that guy could not miss he put another Snook in the boat a few drifts later. A few more drifts and a couple of short Snook later Dad and I had a double hook up. Dad’s fish was a 29 inches and mine was a little short. We took a picture and enjoyed the moment. That was 3 fish in the boat, 3 more to go.

The tide was starting to turn. Chipper hooked up with a big one, he had it on and it was running him, well it finally took him into the fenders and broke. Sorry Chipper for not responding quick enough. It wasn’t long after that and we had #4. We started to fish artificial and my Dad hooked right up and we landed #5. I was starting to wonder if I was going to get to a keeper. The night before I couldn’t miss and tonight I cant do anything right. Well luckily chipper took the wheel. Dad and I double hooked up and this time it was my turn, his fish was a short and mine was a nice keeper. Yea, that was #6. That was awesome to limit two nights in a row with pops. Great making memories with you Dad, I love you and thanks for everything.