Tuesday, 5-15-07 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

May 17, 2007
Capt. Eric

Dad, Matson, & Me.

5-15-07Well my Dad(Jack) is in town, He arrived last Thursday. We usually get together once a year in May to do some fishing. Well since his arrival we have had some pretty foul weather, Fishing has been slow. The tides are ripping in the Inlet. We started off around 6p.m. We went to catch bait(pins & pigs). At dark the tide was coming in really fast and fishing was impossible. I suggested that we anchor and just wait for the end of the tide for the current to slow.

When the tide began to lighten up we started to make some drifts. It didn’t take long and it was on. I hooked right up! Snook On! Matt grabbed the net and it was the first keeper of the night. Next drift I hooked right up and it was a short. Matt caught the next fish another short. I caught the next Snook and it was our 2nd keeper.

My dad was just starting to figure it out and quickly joined in on the action. Matt put the next 2 keepers in the boat with the biggest of the night. I was starting to worry that my dad wasn’t gonna get to put a keeper in the box before Matt and I could catch our limit. We were catching fish every drift, The fish were small and we had to pick through them to get our keepers. We ran out of bait and switched fishing methods. My dad hooked right up with a nice Snook. That was #5, one more to go. We caught a couple more shorts. Then my dad ended up with #6 of the night. Good job dad!!! What a fun night tons of action. Check out the picture !


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