Redfish, Redfish, and Redfish, Sebastian Inlet

March 14, 2016
Capt. Eric

Redfish, Redfish, and Redfish, Sebastian Inlet. Jay and his grandkids Nick and Chase. The weather was almost perfect. A west wind had the Sebastian Inlet the calmest I have seen in 2 weeks. Bait was a little difficult to start off this morning. We eventually got on them. Once the tide started in, the Redfish bite turned on. It was the best I have seen in awhile. Every drift we were hooking up. They all caught there share of big Reds. The fish ranged from 14lbs. to 30lbs. I was worn out from handling all the fish when they were on the boat. We got some great pics and created some priceless memories. Thanks Jay it was a pleasure to fish with you, Chase, and Nick.