Redfish and Snook going off!

September 25, 2015
Capt. Eric

Redfish and Snook going off! Kane and Logan had a good time catching Redfish, Jacks, and a keeper Snook today on the Attitude Adjustment. The weather was perfect today. There still is a decent swell in the ocean. The tide is outgoing starting around 9 a.m. The bait was a little difficult this morning. They  seem to have moved but with some time invested this morning I think I found them again. Once we got to the Sebastian Inlet the tide was already going out.

The Mullet were thick and the Snook were exploding. We netted a some Mullet as well. We fished Croakers and Mullet. We missed a few Snook, caught a few Jacks. Things were slow for awhile. Then they turned on for us. Kane had a hot hand. Started it off with a keeper Redfish then a keeper Snook. They continued to hook up with Reds for the next hour until it was time to go. Thanks Joe for the support and trusting me enough to take your boy and his friends fishing.


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