Redfish, Jacks, and Snook around Sebastian Inlet

August 27, 2015
Capt. Eric

Redfish, Jacks, and Snook around Sebastian Inlet. Paul, Dick and John from Stuart, Fl. are friends. They are members of a fishing club. We met up and departed from the Inlet Marina. The tide was incoming and switching around 10 a.m. We fished the incoming for Snook but never had  luck. Paul caught a 30lb. Red. Dick caught a big Jack. We went and caught some more baits while the tide switched.

The Snook bite was decent. Everyone had a few hits. Paul and Dick each caught a couple nice fish. After about an hour the Snook disappeared. We moved around a couple of spots but could not find them. We made a few drifts and Paul caught another Redfish. Another couple of Jacks and we decided to call it a day. Thanks Paul, John, and Dick for fishing with Attitude. It was a pleasure to meet and fish with you. I hope to fish with you three again.


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