Sebastian Inlet Jacks and Reds

August 9, 2015
Capt. Eric

Sebastian Inlet Jacks and Reds. Mike and Wendy and there two daughters, Amanda and Makayla had a Attitude Adjustment this morning. They are in from New Mexico. We met up at the Inlet Marina. The weather was perfect today. No winds and no rain. The water temp is still cold.

We had no problem catching bait. The tide was outgoing till about 1 p.m. Everyone caught lots of Jacks and they had several doubles. Wendy caught 2 nice Redfish, a 14lb. and a 15lb. It was a great trip and a good time fishing with a great family. Thanks Mike and Wendy for fishing with attitude. It was nice to meet and fish with you two and your daughters. Hopefully we will all fish together again in the future.