Redfish and Jack action on the Attitude Adjustment

August 7, 2015
Capt. Eric

Redfish and Jack action on the Attitude Adjustment. Kane and Owen first fished with me back in February and we hammered the Redfish. They are great kids from the area and I enjoy having them on the boat. It is awesome to fish with nice polite boys. Great to see them into fishing. With the water still being cold the fishing is very difficult. We are getting some hits but you must capitalize on the few chances. The tide was outgoing till about 11 a.m. We started off getting bait then moved into the inlet just as the tide was slowing down. We could not even get a Jack hit at first. I have not seen that in awhile. Once the tide switched we started getting a few hits. They managed to catch one Red and a Jack. We tried for the Snook but no luck. Once Snook season opens and the water warms up I am going to make it up to them and put them on some snook. Thanks again to Kane, Owen and there parents for fishing with attitude. See you guys next month!


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