Redfish and Jacks in the Sebastian Inlet

August 6, 2015
Capt. Eric

Redfish and Jacks in the Sebastian Inlet. Russ and Garrett have fished with me a few times in the past years. The weather was nice but the water temp is still cold. The tide in the Sebastian Inlet is outgoing most of the morning. The Snook bite is really slow still because of the cold water. However the Jacks and Redfish are active and eating. We caught a few Jacks, then used one for bait and hooked up a goliath for Garrett. Garrett had one on for about 10 mins. and w had it in safe territory when the reel broke. We ended up loosing it.

Once the tide started to come in the Redfish and JacksĀ bite were hitting every bait we threw in. Russ caught 2 big Reds and Garrett lost one and caught several Jacks. After about 2 hours of non stop hook ups the bite just shut off. Thanks Russ and Garrett for fishing with attitude. It is always a good time and I appreciate all of the support!


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