Bonita and Jacks with Attitude!

July 26, 2015
Capt. Eric

Bonita and Jacks with Attitude! Teresa, Greg, and Matt fished with attitude today. It was a beautiful morning. The tide was outgoing to about 12 p.m. The water temp. in the ocean is still very chilly. We caught croakers first thing in the morning. We checked for the Redfish rolling but nothing. Then we stopped and fished for Snook. Teresa actually had two hits but was not able to get a hook set. Next we fished for the Jacks. Teresa, Greg, and Matt all caught some Jacks. We hooked up several times with the Goliath but were not able to keep one on. A couple of times each Matt and Greg got to feel the power. We finished off with the Bonita. Matt and Greg each caught a Bonita. The storms were approaching and it was getting time to go. Thanks Teresa. Matt, and Greg for choosing and fishing with attitude. I definitely appreciate it.


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