Jacks and Goliath Sebastian Inlet

July 25, 2015
Capt. Eric

Jacks and Goliath Sebastian Inlet. My brother Ken and my nephews Holden and Hayden live in St. Pete. The weather was nice in the morning and the tide was outgoing till about 11 a.m. We caught croakers to start with first thing in the morning. We tried to Snook fish for a bit but no luck. We decided to just go for Jacks and let the boys have fun. Holden and Hayden had a blast catching Jacks. It was great to see my nephews having fun.

We took one of the Jacks and dropped it down for a Goliath. Ken hooked up and it was on! I must say I enjoyed seeing my brother suffer with the goliath. It was all he could do to beat that fish. It was definitely one of the strongest fish that I have seen. After about 30 mins. got it to the boat and I was able to tie it off for some pics. With the storms quickly approaching it was time to go. Thanks Ken for coming over this weekend and bringing the boys. I had a great time fishing with you 3. We definitely need to do it more often.