St. Lucie Inlet Snook fishing

July 20, 2015
Capt. Eric

St. Lucie Inlet Snook fishing. The Snook in Sebastian Inlet are still shut down because of the cold water. Angelo, Annie, Alex, and Gina decided they wanted to try the St. Lucie inlet for Snook. Reports had been good and the Croakers up here have been easy to get. They fished me for two days Monday and Tuesday. On Monday we fished the Sebastian Inlet for a bit. No luck on the Snook but plenty of Jacks. Alex also had a few shots with the Goliath but just could not get a hook to set.

We left for St. Lucie around 1 p.m. We launched Attitude Adjustment around 3 p.m. Once we started fishing it was pretty nuts. We started off with a quadruple hook up and landed all four. For the next 3 hours it was Snook after Snook. We must of caught 30 Snook.

Day 2, We started off up here and caught 50 plus croakers. We made it down to St. Lucie around 2 p.m. the tide was still incoming. We caught Snook for the last hour of the incoming and for the first 2 hours of outgoing. Eventually we ran out of bait,  another crazy bite, Snook after Snook. Biggest fish was around 18lbs. Thanks Angelo, Alex, Gina, and Annie for fishing and supporting Attitude. It was a lot of fun and is always interesting fishing with you all.


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