Sebastian Inlet fishing, Bonita and Jacks

July 15, 2015
Capt. Eric

Sebastian Inlet fishing, Bonita and Jacks. Nancy, Tracy, and Heather fish with me a couple times a year. The weather was absolutely perfect. We went and caught some croakers to start. Then it was chasing Bonita along the beaches. Tracy hooked up and landed her fish first. It was a big Bonita that she caught on very light tackle. We tried for some Snook but no luck. The water is still to cold.

We drifted a few times and Nancy, Tracy, and Heather had a blast catching  lot of Jacks. There were storms moving in, plus it was 1 p.m. which made it time to call it quits. Thanks again Nancy, Tracy, and Heather it is always a pleasure to fish with you.


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