Offshore Sebastian Inlet bottom fishing

June 12, 2015
Capt. Eric

Offshore bottom fishing with John, Chris, and Allison. We left from John’s house at 7 a.m. It was a good thing we went in John’s 31 Edgewater. What a beautiful ride. We threw the net a few times and loaded up on the Pilchards before we left the Sebastian Inlet. The bite was a little slow most of the day. We caught a Kingfish, one Mutton Snapper, a few Seabass, Amber Jacks, and lots of small Red Snapper. We did lose a few good ones on the bottom. Lots of action just not much for the box. We tried about 5 different spots before we decided to call it a day. Thanks again John, Chris, and Allison it is always a lot of fun to fish with you. We will put a hurting on the next time!


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