Snook and Mangrove Snapper

June 1, 2015
Capt. Eric

Snook and Mangrove Snapper aboard the Attitude Adjustment. Ryan and Sheeva are from upstate N.Y. and fished with me last year. We had such a great trip that they wanted more. It was the first day of closed Snook. The bait(croakers) were plentiful. The tide switched to outgoing around 10 a.m. Sheeva was on fire right away. She caught a big Snook to start. A nice Redfish, a big Jack, a Mangrove and lots of other Snook. Ryan caught his share of Snook and 2 nice Mangrove Snapper. The Goliath were very aggressive as well. They were chasing the hooked up fish. With a very strong bite happening we stayed and fished every bait we had. Thanks Ryan and Sheeva for fishing with Attitude again. It was a fun day. Hopefully we have another great day on Friday.


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