Friday, 3/27/15 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

March 27, 2015
Capt. Eric

Troy, Hollie, Tatum, Tristan, Caleb, and John

DCIM100GOPROHoly cow that was a lot of people. Good thing we used John’s brand new beautiful boat. The weather was a little iffy first thing in the morning with the rain storms moving through. It did clear up nice though. Troy, Hollie, Tatum, Tristan, Caleb are from Culver, Indiana. They visit with John and Gay once a year. We met up and departed from John’s house. We went straight to bait fishing and caught plenty of Pigs once we were able to find them.

The tide in the Sebastian Inlet was outgoing till 12 p.m. Tatum started it off with a oversize Snook. She was on fire because I think she caught the next fish as well which was a big Redfish. For awhile it seemed like at any given moment someone was hooked up with a big Redfish. Everyone caught a few Reds and a nice Snook. A total of 5 oversize Snook were caught. It was a fun morning fishing with everyone. Thanks John for always thinking of me and your support. I really do appreciate and enjoy all of our trips.


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