Thursday, 10/02/14 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

October 3, 2014
Capt. Eric


DCIM100GOPROJohn is from North Carolina. He was down here doing a job, since it was his birthday and always wanting to catch a Tarpon he decided to do a fishing trip. With the Mullet run in full force, he could not have picked a better time. We met up at the Inlet Marina in the morning. We headed south of the Sebastian Inlet in search of the silver king. We found a few in a small schools and had a couple of hook ups with a couple of jumps. Also a lot of sharks just taking our tackle.

The Tarpon disappeared and it was time continue our search. Well good thing we kept moving down the beach. Because about another 3 miles south and we came across a huge school of Mullet with hundreds of Tarpon. We stayed with them for about an hour or so jumping and losing a few more until finally John got a hook to stick. It was a awesome sight, the Tarpon jumped with in a few feet of the boat right when John hooked up. Then it when on a huge long fast run. It eventually jumped a couple more times and with the hook still in place I knew there was a good chance that we had this one. After 30 minutes of fighting the fish finally came to the boat. We took some great pics and safely released it. John , it was a true pleasure to meet and fish with you.  Thanks again for fishing with me. Hopefully we will do it again in the future. Happy Birthday!



John white

Oct 2 was my 45 th birthday ! I came to Melbourne on business and thought I would treat myself to a birthday gift ( fishing trip ) catching a Tarpon was always on my bucket list and after telling Eric that we bypassed everything else and spent our time on Tarpon !
I can not thank Eric enough I have never seen anybody work so hard to fulfill someone else’s dream ! He is a great captain and now a great friend as well ! I think you do but Eric I want you to know not only are you a great fisherman but a class act guy to boot !
We hooked up 4 tarpons and jumped three ! Several bait stealing sharks as well as a spinner shark that was a blast for both of us 400 yards of jumping and spinning while I hung on for dear life !
The final hook up was awesome !, the tarpon jumped within 10 feet of the boat when I hooked up several more jumps but that first one to see a fish longer than me come 4 ft out of the water and the fight Wow !,
I have to say that when I got the fish to the boat and put my hand on it I had a spiritual experience as well ( one of Gods greatest creations and I got to fight it , land it and let it swim off to live another day ! Thanks to God !
If you are looking for the best guide a great guy and a wonderful trip call Eric and trust me I’ve chartered many boats and many captains but my new found friend is the best by far !!
Eric thank you ! I will be calling definitely next October but maybe in a couple of weeks , Angie is itchin to meet you and hook up on something !

October 4, 2014

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