Sunday, 9/14/14 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

September 15, 2014
Capt. Eric

Charlie and J.P.

DCIM100GOPROCharlie and J.P. are from N.Y. Down here on  business and decided to do some Snook fishing. We met up at the Inlet Marina at 8 a.m. The weather was beautiful a perfect day to fish the Sebastian Inlet for Snook. The tide was outgoing till 11 a.m. Well just because the weather is great doesn’t mean the fishing is going to be great.

Bait was a little scarce and the Snook bite was a little slow. Charlie and J.P. managed to get several hook ups though. They only laded a few and one was a keeper, perfect fatty keeper at 32″.  Thanks Charlie and J.P. for fishing with Attitude it was a pleasure to meet and fish with you.




JP &I had an absolute great day of fishing with Capt Eric. Watching my friend hook a few snook and fighting 4 myself was amazing!
Thanks for the recommendation at Long Dogger restaurant to cook the snook.
Great dinner followed by the next night where we found Fish On Fire restaurant in Orlando to cook the rest 6 different ways.
Looking forward the next time next yr
Charlie from NY

September 16, 2014
Capt. Eric

Thanks for the kind comment and glad you enjoyed the fresh Snook. It is delicious. Thanks again!

September 16, 2014

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