Wednesday, 7/16/14 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

July 17, 2014
Capt. Eric

Phillip and Josh,

DCIM100GOPROThe weather was not the best today. We left the Inlet Marina at 12 p.m. and went to catch our bait for the Snook bite. We had no problems catching Croakers. We must of caught 40 in about 30 minutes. The tide switched to outgoing around 3 p.m. The storms came through and pushed us out of the water till about 5 p.m. Once we started fishing the bite was on! The baits were getting hammered as soon as they hit the bottom. Phil and Josh were hooking up left and right. The Jacks were thick, but when they could get through the Jacks and let it sit for a minute A Snook would pick it up. I think between the 2 of them they caught 5 Snook and about 20 Jacks, plus the missed ones.. Every bait got slammed! Thanks Phillip and Josh for sticking it out through the rain and the jealous low life’s on the pier. It was fun to see you guys setting the hook every couple of minutes till we ran out of bait.  Thanks again!



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