Tuesday, 4-01-14 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

April 6, 2014
Capt. Eric

John and Kay,

DCIM100GOPROJohn and Kay are from N.Y. and do a lot of fishing up there. They had a lot of pictures and stories of King Salmon. We went Snook fishing and the bite was good. They both were hooking up left and right. Then it slowed down a bit and Kay hooked up with a monster Goliath Grouper. She was hooked up on 20lb gear with a 300lb. Grouper. She did a great job bringing the fish to the boat 4 times in 30 mins. before the line finally gave out. It was a shame, but I surprised that she had it on that long. She was a trooper never giving up and putting max pressure on the fish. Thanks again John and Kay it a pleasure to have you aboard the Attitude Adjustment. Hopefully we can fish together next year.



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