Friday, 4-04-14 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

April 6, 2014
Capt. Eric

Brandon and Rochelle,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe weather has been great this week. The fishing has been good as well. Brandon and Rochelle are from the west coast of Florida. Brandon was really amping to catch a Sebastian Inlet bull Red. Well I talked him into doing some Snook fishing first, then we would go for the Red. Lets just say that he had a great day. His biggest Snook was a 26lb. and Rochelle got a biggie as well. After that we went in and gave the Reds a shot. Well we worked hard to get one finally hooked up. Brandon did a great job and landed a Bull Red that weighed 40lbs. on the dot, what a monster. I have never seen someone so stoked! It was pretty cool that he got it in the last few minutes. We were  just getting ready to call it a day. Thanks a lot Brandon and Rochelle for fishing with Attitude it was a pleasure to meet you two. Hopefully we will fish again in the future.


Brandon Borland


My wife and I went fishing with captain Eric Metcalf of Attitude Adjustment Charters this past Friday. In short it was the BEST FISHING TRIP OF MY LIFE! Now for the explanation of why.
We live on the west coast of Florida and I have been fishing since I was in dippers. I have always wanted to catch a big bull red. I did some research and came up with Sebastian inlet. We arrived on Weds and scouted the area like I would with any new fishing spot. It didn’t take us long to realize that our best chances for catching a big bull red in the time we had left on our trip would be on a boat. We asked some locals for references and we came up with a few, one of which was Captain Eric. My wife called him on Thursday and we were leaving on friday, so I figured our chances for making this happen were slim. But sure enough Captain Eric called us back that afternoon and was kind enough to make a trip happen for us even though he had been real busy and could really use a day off. His professionalism mixed with a laid back “fishing buddy” demeanor was instantly apparent. I really appreciated the fact that he allowed me to fish, meaning that he didn’t micro manage my every move but respected my level of knowledge even though his own knowledge for the area well surpassed mine. He allowed me to catch my own fish as if I was on my own boat and that meant a lot. Yet in the same breath if my wife or I needed help he was right there. It was obvious from the time we left the dock that his main concern for us on that day was to have the best time possible! By the end of the trip I had caught 2 separate fish of a life time. A 26lb snook and the prize that I had set my eyes on for years now, A 40LB BULL RED!!! Captain Eric really stuck it out with us at the end to give me every opportunity possible to make this happen.

Key notes of my experience would be that, whether you are brand new to the area, to salt water angling, or just fishing in general. Or you are a angler that knows a thing or two and just want to get out there and have the ability to catch some amazing fish with someone that is passionate about what they do….. Captain Eric of Attitude Adjustment Charters would get my highest recommendation! It would be well worth it to give him a shot, you won’t be disappointed, my wife and I have the memories and most importantly THE PICTURES to prove it!!!!!!

P.S. We will see you again, hopefully this summer and for the flounder run in the fall/winter Thank you again!!!!!!

April 7, 2014
Capt. Eric

Thanks for taking the time to write a great testimonial. I appreciate it.
Capt. Eric

April 10, 2014

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