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June 11, 2012
Capt. Eric

Chipper and Andrew

Wanting to fish something different, We decided to try and fish out of Ft. Pierce. It’s been a long time since I have fished out of Ft. Pierce Inlet. The weather was nice, a little windy out of the S.E.  No problems making it south to the boils. Along the way we stopped and scooped our crabs!  We only got a dozen.

Once we arrived and started fishing we spotted a school of Tarpon working there way to the North. We put on circle hooks and pitched a few crabs in. We chased the school for about a mile or two. Andrew hooked up first, he fought his fish about 10 min. and was having a hard time with the light tackle pulling the fish away from his school. Ended up loosing it.  Just a minutes later Chipper and I doubled up on two nice Tarpon. We both fought our fish for a bit. I landed mine and got a picture or two, while his was still running with his school. Just as I released mine and we started to head to chippers fish it broke. He was using extremely light tackle. I caught mine on 20lb. mono with 40lb. leader.

After Tarpon fishing we went back to the boils and fished for Permit. Chipper hooked up first and ended up loosing it after a few big runs.  I got the next hit but never got a hook up. Just then Andrew was next to me and it was like it took mine and went to his and he hooked up. FISH ON! Man can those fish scream. He did a great job of fighting that Permit. It ended up 16lbs. Well that was it we were out of crabs. It was a great day. A lot of fun! fishing those boils. I’ll be going back soon! Ha Ha!



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