Monday, 8-22-11 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

August 23, 2011
Capt. Eric

James and Travis

James and Travis are from Maryland. The weather was nice. The tide is outgoing most of the evening, I think it finally switched at midnight. We started off catching bait, pins and pigs. Bait was a little difficult with the amount of catfish we were catching. No sure if all the back country water that they let out in to the river has something to do with it.

We moved into the Sebastian Inlet at dark and started fishing for the Reds and Snook.  They both missed a few fish before they got the hang of it. Travis landed the first fish of the night, a big Red. The bite was pretty active. They were chewing right down the middle. They both had there share of hook ups on the Snook, but were having some problems with landing them. James caught a few and we managed to get some good pictures before safely releasing them. Remember just a few more days until Snook Season, Sept. 1st. It was a fun trip with just enough action to keep it fun! Thanks again James and Travis for fishing with attitude!



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