Monday, 8-15-11 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

August 16, 2011
Capt. Eric

Joe, Jim, and Matt

The weather  was a little windy in morning. SW 15knts. We caught some bait then hit the beaches. The tide in the inlet was incoming.  There were  a lot of birds diving and the Bonita were feeding on the schools of glass minnows. It was a little scattered but if you timed it right you could get hooked up. Joe had the touch he ended up catching 3 Bonita, all on light tackle.  We had to sit him on the bench so Jim or Matt could catch one. Matt ended up with the biggest which went 15lbs on the boga.

We cruised the beach to the north and came across some Mullet schools. There were a few Tarpon swimming under them but they not feeding. We also seen some nice Snook. We couldn’t get a hit so we decided to run out and catch some dinner. The bottom was slow in the 50-60ft stuff to the north of the inlet. We had to move south and eventually came across some active bottom and caught there limit of Seabass. It was a great day on the water and we even got a good rinsing on the way in! Thanks Joe, Jim, and Matt for fishing with attitude!



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