Saturday, 6-18-11 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

June 18, 2011
Capt. Eric

Mark and Garrett

Mark and his son Garrett, they are from Dallas. We departed from the Inlet Marina at 7 a.m. this morning. Bait was still pretty easy to get. Plenty of pogies, pins, pigs, and croakers to go around.  The tide in the inlet today was incoming in the morning switching sometime around 1 p.m.

We fished a the 50 ft. and some 90ft. stuff. The bite seem to be kind of slow. We did catch a good share of Seabass. No big hook ups though. We did have two fish on a flat line out in 90ft. One was a good fish possible king, never seen it. I missed a peanut dolphin that swam up to the boat.  We headed in and stopped at the Inlet and fished the four croakers we had. We had 3 hookups. Mark caught one that weighed 25lbs. Nice Snook for first one ever. Nice Snook period!  hooked another two fish but lost them both.  Damn gill plates!  Got a good jump out one of them though. Thanks Mark and Garrett, it was fun fishing and getting to know you both! hopefully we can fish again!


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