Monday, 4-11-11 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

April 12, 2011
Capt. Eric

Dave, Tom, and Ken.

It’s the first time these three have fished with me. The weather was perfect. We met in the morning at the Inlet Marina. We started off in the flats fishing for some Trout or Reds.  Not much luck besides a couple missed fish and a ladyfish. I decided to make a move and go out in the ocean. The greenie pods were a little harder to find. Once we had enough we made a run for it. The kings were a little north than the previous day. once we got our baits out, it wasn’t long until the first king crushed a bait. The fish on the average were a little smaller than Saturday. We had plenty of action, we could of easily limited out. They only wanted to keep two fish for eat so released all the rest. On the way back through the Sebastian Inlet we stopped so they could catch some Jacks. The Jacks were in the 10lb. range. Everyone had a blast catching a few of the Jacks. Great weather, great day! Thanks again Dave, Tom, and Ken.