Tuesday, 3-15-11 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

March 16, 2011
Capt. Eric


Dave is from Wisconsin. He was down here for work and saved a day to go fishing. He was wanting to hunt for the Cobia. We met up at the Inlet Marina in the morning. There were a lot of clouds and the visibility was bad.  The winds were calm and the ocean was flat. All we needed was the clouds to burn off. We searched for the first half of the day with clouds and no luck.

Around 12 p.m.  the clouds moved through and the sun came out. We came across one Ray with two fish on it. Dave’s first cast was just short and his second cast was too far behind. The ray went down and that was that. We continued searching and nothing. Everything we did see like turtles were very spooky! We decided to give up on the area where I caught them the day before. We searched and searched and finally came across some rays and pods of bait. I spotted a Triple Tail and quickly set Dave up with a chunk bait. He made a great cast and presented that bait perfectly. Fish on! That was a great ice breaker! Got the skunk off! We searched a bit more and came across a few turtles hanging together in this one area.  I spotted a free swimmer and Dave made the perfect cast. He threw a jig and reeled it super fast the Cobia  spotted it and took off after it. He stopped it perfectly and the fish slammed it! FISH ON! It was awesome, one of the coolest hook ups that i have witnessed. Nice Job Dave! That was a great fish!  We were super stoked and the choppy ride home wasn’t even a factor..lol     Thanks again Dave for the trip it was a lot of fun fishing with you. Hope we can do it again!