Tuesday, 2-08-11 8 a.m. 1 p.m.

February 9, 2011
Capt. Eric

Jeff, Bear, Tonya and Victoria

These folks were from Wisconsin. Yes, they are cheese heads and proud of it.  What a great group! We started the day off at the Inlet Marina. There has been a really bad fish kill and it smells pretty foul about now. The pogies came in so thick that they choked themselves out. We managed to ignore the odor and get some fishing in. The tide was incoming most of the morning. We fished the bluefish just outside the Inlet. They were catching on almost every cast. Bear managed to hook and land a nice 31″ Redfish which weighed 12 lbs.

We moved inside and fished a few flats. They caught a few Ladyfish and a couple of small Jacks. There was dead pogies everywhere that one could see. Well hopefully this cleans up soon. Overall, the water temp. has been rising and there has been more movement happening in the river. Thanks again, Jeff, Bear, Tonya and Victoria. It was a pleasure meeting and taking you four out fishing for the day. Have a great year and hopefully we will all get to fish again in the future.


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