Friday, 10-29-10 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

October 29, 2010
Capt. Eric

The wedding party..Andy, Chris, John, Al, Ken and Adam

They were in from Kentucky for a wedding. We got  lucky with the weather. The winds were blowing pretty strong but we were able to fish the tip. The Redfish bite was on. They were double and triple hooked up the entire first three hours. My back still hurts from pulling Reds over the gunnel and then releasing every one. It was pretty ridiculous how quick they were hooking up. There were some Jacks in the middle. After wearing themselves out on Reds they wanted to fish the flats. By then the winds had picked up and were blowing so hard that it was almost impossible. We did not catch a thing on the flats and decided to head back to the marina. Other than wearing my back out, I had a blast helping you guys catch all those Reds. I look forward to our next trip. Thanks again.


Ken rich

a great day of fishing
never have i cought so many reds in one hole of water at one time.

November 2, 2010

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