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August 16, 2010
Capt. Eric

Capt. Eric and John A.

I decided to run to the north and seek the Tarpon. I was by myself and was on a mission to find some action.  I traveled north towards Indialantic, zig zagging  in and out. Tons of schools of greenies all the way up the beach. Nothing on them. As I reached Ocean Ave. area I came upon pods of Pogies. The birds were having a field day. Tarpon were crashing baits. I quickly grabbed my cast net and got more than I could use. Barely could get the net up in the boat. I put a pogie on a big circle hook and let it out the back. It wasn’t long and I jumped the first Tarpon. A few more baits produced a Bluefish and a 3 ft Shark. Tarpon were crashing everywhere, it was sick. Very cool sight!

I finally got hooked up with a monster Tarpon. It came out of the water jumping and running, I thought after 20 mins. how  the heck am I gonna land this beast myself.  Well I lost it a few moments later. That didn’t stop me from getting another bait out as quickly as I could. About two minutes went bye and it was on again! This time It was bigger and jumping more. After it was done jumping and I was still hooked up, I knew I had this one. I needed some help though. I wanted to get pictures too. I called John who lives real close to where I was. I asked him to grab his surfboard and paddle out to me and give me a hand. John was on it! He was there paddling out to me in 5 mins. I pulled it up to the boat and we got some video and pics. That fish whipped my ass. Man, it’s been awhile since I went to battle. 🙂 That was awesome, I so needed that. I think it was total about 40 mins. of tug of war.

Now it was John’s turn. He jumped one fish before hooking into the one he would battle with.  John was hooked up for at least 30 minutes before we finally got it boat side. We took some good pics of that one before releasing it. What a great fishing trip. That was some of the best Tarpon action that I have been involved in. Thank you John for your help and always being up for an adventure….Definably one cool memory!!!! Now that was fun!!!!



Thats a beast!! Things bigger than you. LOL

September 8, 2010

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