Sunday, 4-18-10 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

April 22, 2010
Capt. Eric

John A. and Steve A.

The winds finally laid down enough to get out in the ocean and look around. The weather was not perfect though. It was overcast and raining on an off. We decided to go for it anyways and launch the boat at the Port.(Port Canaveral, Fl.) With Three dozen shrimp and a box of squid we went in search of ? We started off jigging the cans for triple tail, no luck. As we got out to the end of the buoy line we started noticing bait pods of pogies. There were lot of bait pods in one little area. It was really cloudy and rainy, the visibility was horrible. Small Blacktip Sharks were no problem, we hooked and caught a few, not on purpose just didn’t see them. Blues and Spanish Mackerals were in abundance as well.

We did get lucky one time. I was up on my perch and spotted a Cobia swimming through the bait. Spotted it out to John and before I had a chance to cast he was hooked up. It was 36 inches and a good fish. That was it though we never seen another Cobia and we were fishing bait pods all day. I think if there was some sun, the fish would of been coming up and we would of killed it.. Good day though, nice to get out with friends.


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