Tuesday, 12-01-09 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

December 3, 2009
Capt. Eric

Dave and Chipper
004The weather was perfect. We heard about a Triple Tail bite out of the port. So we headed up and decided to give it a try. We stopped and picked up some live shrimp. Only a few decent size shrimp out of 3 dozen. We fished a few buoys before Dave hooked up and landed the first Triple Tail of the day. It was just 15 inches. We moved to couple other buoys before our next fish. I hooked up the next fish and it was a biggie. Fish on ! We pulled it off the chain and it made a few good runs. Man those fish can pull. It’s been awhile since I felt a good size Trip. When I first started fishing in the area I use to fish the Port for Trips, Cobia, and Snook and I use to catch a lot back then. The fish was 16lbs. Not my biggest but a respectable Triple Tail. Well that was it for me, not another hit for the rest of the day. Chipper stepped up and caught two decent Trips around the 7lb. range. Well, there were two good fish lost as well. Thanks too the Blue Hydro sport who gave us some shrimp. I forgot your name, sorry. Drop me a email if u read this.


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