Tuesday, 11-17-09 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

November 18, 2009
Capt. Eric

Joe and Frank,
Joe and Frank are from upstate New York. They are staying at Oyster Point Resort, next to Capt. Hirams. Joe works for an Insurance company and Frank has a recycling business. I picked them up at Hiram’s and we went and caught our bait for the night. Once it got dark and we arrived at the inlet the tide was pretty much slack, just started moving in, moving slow. Frank hooked up first then Joe hooked up too. Double up on the first drift! Two big Redfish, Frank landed his first and it was about 16lbs. Joe took a little longer with his Red. It was much bigger I would say realistically at least 40lbs. Joe said it was his biggest fish ever.
On the next drift Frank hooked up and it was a big fat 32″ keeper Snook, nice job! The fish are fat right now they are feeding like crazy, stocking up for the winter. Joe caught his Snook on the very next drift after that. That Snook was also fat and 32″. Two matching keepers and both of Joe and Frank’s first Snook, go figure. With there limit in the cooler they wanted to catch more Reds. They caught a few more each and a few more Snook as well. It was a great night. After I dropped them off at Capt. Hiram’s I stopped back in the inlet. The tide was slacking and was almost coming to a still. I made two drifts, first drift hooked up and laded another fat 32″. Yeah! one for myself. On the 2nd drift I caught what would of been a keeper and it was 29″. I released it and headed back to the dock. Wow, what a night all 3 keepers were 32″, weird like that sometimes. Joe and Frank, it was really a great pleasure getting to know and fish with both of you guys. I look forward to it again in the future. Thanks again for the trip.


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