Monday, 11-16-09 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

November 17, 2009
Capt. Eric

Thomas and Chipper
Well the weather is way nicer than last time Thom was over on this side of the coast. Last time the winds were 25-30 out of the east. Not much fun. Thom met me at my house and we launched from the Inlet Marina at 4 p.m. We went and caught bait. Plenty of pins and pigs, Bait spot C. We headed towards the Inlet as it was getting dark. The first drift Thom hooked up with a big Redfish. We landed and safely released it. I missed a nice Snook on the next drift. That was about the time Chipper called and was ready to be picked up.

Once we got back to the Inlet from picking up Chipper we fished the middle. It wasn’t long and we were hooking up left and right. I put the first keeper in the box. I swear that it was the fattest 32″ I have ever seen. At first sight, I thought it was way too big because of it thickness. Chipper was hooking up on artificial as well. He caught the next keeper that was 28″. He was catching smaller fish on the artificial. I caught a few more that were way to big. Chipper was catching them to small. Thom was having a hard time getting the bait down. Once he got it right he hooked up and landed the third keeper of the night and it was a nice 30″. He worked hard for that and had some patience. Way to go Thom! It was a great night of action. We fished a few more drifts and called it a early night. We still had time to get up to Long Dogger’s for wing night. Seriously Thom, Thanks for everything. You are a major part in me being able to make a dream a reality, Thanks again.. Talk to you soon. P.S. I wish we had pics. I’ll get that taken care of.